Penguin Droppings

By gen2

Goosander (male)

This is a male goosander (Mergus merganser)
(It is called the common merganser in the US)

Today I was up at the local nature reserve at Birnie Loch (Fife).
I was speaking to the local Ranger with responsibility for that particular reserve. He was telling me that because of Local Authority cutbacks, the Ranger Service is being cut from 12 to 7 rangers and he may be one of the ones that goes. With less manpower, one of the areas to go will be Education and then a much reduced site-maintenance. I would have thought that education was the most vital aspect of their work but sadly it is to be lost

As for my afternoon session in the bird hide, not much was happening: a few black-headed gulls were starting to lay claim to nesting-sites, some goldeneyes were still hanging around as wer some widgeon. Tufted ducks, mallards and mute swans are always present. I decided that the most blippable image was this one of a male goosander.

If the weather stays fine, I may go back again tomorrow.

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