The Dead Pixel Journals

By 0xFF


Venus. Our neighbour. Maybe in the future, if global warming continues, our atmosphere will become as toxic as Venus'.
You can never see any detail on the surface because of the atmosphere, and like the Moon, she has phases.
First time imaging Venus, and quite impressed with the results, even although the image scale is tiny. Our atmosphere wasn't playing nicley, so no image mate's to increase the image size. Just the webcam and the 6" SCT.
Venus and Jupiter are also in the same part of the sky just now, so make a good sight.

[Tech bit]
Imaged with a 6" Celestron F/10 SCT, focus acheived using a Bahtinov mask. Acquired with a Philips 880 (flashed to SNC900) webcam, 10FPS, @ 1/250sec, low gain (this cam is not modified, so have to watch for amp noise in the image).
Total exposure was 670 frames (350Mb), stacked and processed in Registax.

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