Englishman in Bandung

By Vodkaman

Orange dragon

Pantala flavescens

I was intrigued by Chocolatelover's shot of the orange dragon a few days ago, hanging down from a branch like a ripe fruit. I could not recall seeing this attitude before, so today I returned to the common, to see if I could find the same. I was guaranteed to find something to blip though.

The common, as I suspected was now totally flattened, but the path leading to the east edge, were I usually park my bike was still vegetated and swarming with orange dragons, as all their usual vegetation was gone.

It just goes to show that I was not as observant as I thought I was, as there were numerous examples of the hanging dragon and I had no trouble getting up close to one. I have not really hunted the path area before, as there was no need, but the plant life is slightly different, with more branches, that enable this hanging posture.

Thanks Esta for opening my eyes.


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