2011 photo resolution

By karenanya

Fruit stall near Kings Cross Station

Early start for a meeting in London today.

Spend the day learning how to deal with retractions - this happens when problems are found with a paper published in a research journal. Retractions happen for many reasons - honest mistakes, confusions over authorship and, sometimes, fraud. Making sure the reason for the retraction is clear to the reader is important.

Headed off to Euston after the seminars. Station was in utter chaos as trains had been delayed due to an accident on the line. I hung around hoping that a train to Birmingham might eventually leave. As it was announced, there was a stampede towards the platform. I did get a seat, even if it wasn't the right train.

Met up with my colleagues at a hotel near the NEC ready for Big Bang tomorrow.

Hotel bed was enormous and very welcoming after a long day.

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