2011 photo resolution

By karenanya

Sun on moss

Husband was up very early to set off for Sheffield. Think he's hoping to be back in time for the rugby this evening.

Sorted son number one's room out and made up his bed and then took son number two to look at new beds for his newly decorated bedroom. We ordered one for him but will have to wait a couple of weeks for delivery.

Very wet and miserable morning but the sun did come out for a few minutes when I was in the garden. The frogspawn looks as if it has survived the cold snap this week but there isn't any more yet. This lovely moss was looking beautiful in the brief bit of sun. It is on a rock by the edge of the pond. The first daffodils are out in the garden and there are lots of green shoots and new leaves appearing.

Good to see son number one and husband back in good time. Spent a lazy afternoon in front of the rugby getting more and more despondent.

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