A quiet gentle Lacebark for today - a day of gardening, a day of warm sun and a day of calm.

Lots of pruning, weeding and general tidying up of some of my gardens. Its a huge job and one that will take a while to complete. I paused for a rest round noon and noted that most of my garden is now in shade, the sun had moved round but it's lower in the sky - it is the time of year when the garden can look cold and dark if there is no sun, but today dappled light flickered through lighting the odd flower or two.

There are still Dahlias, Miniature roses, Fuschias, Alstroemias, Gazanias, Penstemons and Anemone japonica flowering along with a few others. The Hosta leaves are now turning and my lovely white Autumn Camelia is budding up nicely - should be flowering soon I hope.

As I type blackbirds are fossicking under the trees, looking for worms in the freshly turned soil, the breeze has caught my chimes sending soft ringing tones out into the garden while the sun continues to move round and getting lower in the sky.

Its been a good productive day in the garden, a good feeling.

Time to fly and organise some tea, a bbq as Hubby is home to cook while I whip up a salad and boil some potatoes.

Have a great week all :)

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