Journey Through Time

By Sue

Magnolia in Black and White (sort of)

Took my aunt to her doctor's appointment. She had to see her own doctor after her heart attack incident, and he talked to her about it. He added on another medicine that didn't get put on the list at the hospital, so there is ANOTHER pill she has to take, lipitor (generic) for cholesterol. Now she has to talk to her insurance about getting on Part D to see if this will help with her med costs. I sure hope so. The high cost of health care strikes again.

Anyway, we had a bit of lunch and then went to a big garden nursery that is near her place. I had the camera (of course!) so I had fun snapping up what was available early in the year. I played with this magnolia blossom that is just beginning to open up. A black and white with a blue tone I think.

I bought some tulips and daffodils that were 1/2 price. Lovely shade of lavender/peach/pink kind of shades. Maybe that will be tomorrow's blip ;>)

Now I just have to figure out what we are having for dinner. Again.

Hope you have a great week blippers! See ya later...

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