By cyclops


Well, not quite perhaps. This is a dogfish, a close relative of the sharks. They are quite common in the waters around the UK although I've only seen them a few times, and this guy was just resting on the seabed amongst the holdfasts of some fairly sparse kelp at about 15m. He didn't seem to mind me getting in close with the camera at all, even with the flash turned on. He's about 2ft or a little more from nose to tail, and his skin is rough like sandpaper (just like a real shark). He also has sharks teeth, although he wasn't showing them off for the camera...

Had another brilliant days diving - I love the west coast in general but Lochbroom and here around Lochinver are just amazing to dive. We've been very lucky with the weather too - both our dives today were in flat calm.

Off to the pub for dinner now, then an early night since we have an early start tomorrow to fit one dive in before lunch. After that we'll get the boats out and head back to Edinbugh, which will take about 5 hours for me but much longer for those with boats to tow! So I probably won't get the chance to blip tomorrow, but hopefully normal service (including catching up with lots of other journals and some commenting) will be resumed on Tuesday!

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