By cyclops

Seven Armed Starfish

I had two beautiful dives today. On the second one in particular, visibility was fantastic (you could see 20m) and it felt light over the sandy bottom. There were fish everywhere, from tiny transparent fry you could barely see to large pollack cruising above the weed. Everywhere you look there is life, most of it wierd and wonderful, and seeing it just makes me feel like I'm seeing the world through new eyes.

Today's blip is a seven armed starfish - this one was about 2ft across. As a child I always imagined starfish arms moved (more like legs really) to propel the creature, but in fact it moves using the uncountable small tubular legs on it's underside and can make a decent pace without the arms moving relative to each other at all. It's a surreal sight.

It's been a long day. The nearest compressor (to fill our air cylinders) is a 45 minute drive away in Ullapool so while everyone else went for their dinner in the pub, two of us headed off to Ullapool to do the fills (the local club have kindly lent us a key to the shed their compressor is in). Time for a quick shower, a quick call to say hello to MrsCyclops then a lot of sleep!

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