An ordinary life....

By Damnonii

Deconstructed Tulip....

The vase of tulips has been decaying on my kitchen table for well over a week past their usual chuck out time but I knew if I bided not sure that's a word my time, they would reach the level of decomposition I was after.

And THIS is it.

What is even MORE impressive is that when we sat down to eat our dinner last night, D nodded in the direction of the poor flowers and said "I haven't chucked them out as I assume you'll be blipping them in that state" jove he's learning!!! :-)))

Woo hoo....another sunny day. Hope it stays that way as I'm off tomorrow and Thursday then only Friday morning to work then 2 whole weeks off! :)))

Off to spend another evening resisting the Cadbury cream egg that's stuffed up the knitted chicks bahookie!

Happy Tuesday Peeps.....although it feels like Friday to me!!! Yeee Haaaa! xx

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