Bob Dylan in Paris

This midday I scrambled out to the outskirts of Paris, to the Bob Dylan exhibition at the Cité de la Musique. It was wonderful, focusing on the period 1961-1966 when he revolutionized popular music. There were photographs, posters, ephemera galore, and above all recordings and videos. His music played everywhere, but subtly, not at all overpoweringly. Dylan is one of my icons, and this is the period I like most. (We went to a Dylan concert in November 2010.)

I like the many bits of red in this shot--I mumbled a possible title to my wife: "Melody in Red;" she asked, is that one of Bob Dylan's songs? (She's not a fan.)

We've attended shows at this venue on Paul Klee, Brassens, and Serge Gainsbourg--all different, all excellent, but this is the one that affected me the most personally.

I zipped back at 2 pm to my cousin Rosy's studio, to take photos of illustrations for a children's book she is doing (more on this in due course). And of course more shots of her little daughter Meena, more adorable than ever at exactly four months. Edit: I just realized that Rosy appears in the year-ago blip.

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