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By longshanks

Log Entry

Those that have followed our cross-country skiing adventures before will know that we take turns about at writing the days adventures in the Log Book. Today it was my turn, so here's my Log Entry:

After three days at Lønsstua it was time to make a break for Saltfjellstua. Weather forecast wasn't great, but better than been having - a bit windy, a bit cloudy and a bit snowy. We'd a couple of full pulks, a big day of 22km, a fairly even ascent of 500m to the col then an unknown descent on the other side over rumpled contours - Yeah! We'd be fine.

Well the fairly even ascent required lots of zig-zags - the direct line as well as being too steep was directly into the strong wind, the snow that had fallen over the past few days made trail breaking hard work, the low cloud was making navigation tricky and after four hours we'd only travelled 5km. Another hour, perhaps things would improve - they didn't. 6km in five hours, no decision, we turned back - quite simply in these conditions we weren't good enough.

We descended a bit and then the option to take skins off, but when Kathy asked Mick if he was taking his off I thought, if she's debating then I think I'd better keep mine on. Anyway Mick shouts out "If you're taking your skins off make sure you hang onto your skis otherwise that's the last you'll see of them". Well a couple of minutes later there was an "Oh Shit" from Rancidand and Petrina started to walk down the hill after his ski, but within 20m he was at the limit of our visibility and couldn't see the ski so came back up. Fortunately as we all descended Rancidand and his ski were reunited. Unfortunately though it became quite apparent that my (and Fiona's) decision to keep skins on was definitely wrong. The group continued while Mick shepherded the two of us as we removed our skins.

The ski down was then a lot more pleasant. The rest of the group were waiting and I took a sweeping curve round to them then, Ouch, Thump, I'd hit a bank of soft snow and my right knee was forced into a bit of an odd position. Getting up I knew I'd done something, but hopefully nothing too bad.

I joined the rest of the group to hear of the further adventures of Rancidand. He'd been through the wars too, skiing over a 10ft drop that he'd survived intact if a little snow covered. The remainder of the descent back to Lønsstua went without further incident, but a few tweaks from the knee reminded me that all was not well.

Today's photo: Nearly back to Lønsstua - it looks quite benign, doesn't it. Rancidand and Philip pulling the pulks followed by Petrina, myself and Kathy with James bringing up the rear.

Rancidand's version of the day.

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