School of Music

Another shot of campus architecture. I'll return another day with more than my phone and a camera with no SD card and a full internal memory (at least I know how to deal with the latter now).

It's an interesting building despite the endless dirty grey concrete. I think that was the thing with the love of concrete in the late '60s and '70s, no one thought about how it would age.

A flu injection at Student Health for me today.

My usual mid-morning trip next door to the photographers place to use their coffee machine.

A good day at work with several jobs finished and a couple more with the end in sight.

Fruit and vege shopping done and the first steps taken to restore order to downstairs.

The weather is looking good for the weekend, especially in the Canterbury High Country which is where I'll be on Saturday.

I'm helping erradicate Wilding Pines from Flock Hill Station. Self seeded pines are a menace across large tracts of the high country, taking over tussock lands and changing the landscape. This is fund raiser for my tramping club. The club is paid per head of volunteers.

Steep country and manual labour. That should sort me out ;-)

Yesterday's shag blip

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