Feeling blue ...

... but in a good way. This is Sunny Cove I was waxing lyrical about yesterday. As you can see, another glorious day. I stopped off on my way home - Travellers' Joy, her daughter Rosie and her boyfriend Ben were already there. Rosie and Ben had been swimming and kayaking - they looked fit but a bit goosebumpy. Swimming in Ireland in March!!! We sat and stared for a bit and reflected on this and that then they went off to gather wine and supplies for a picnic and I wandered around the headland. Everything was so blue and the water so clear, and little pockets of white sand illuminated the water. Sea pinks were just opening and primroses nestled amongst the tufty grass. Herons, cormorants, oyster catchers and curlews pottered around. Paradise really.

Today was hectic - making Easter bonnets. I had made the outline of crowns in the shape of each child's name and they adorned them with paper eggs and flowers, feathers and sparkles, plus special dingle dangles at the back which floated in the wind. We then paraded around the school. That's me done till the 17th April, bliss :)

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