By EgyptUnveiled

Tired feet

These feet belong to 2 different individuals.

Both work hard on the land, in the hot sun.

Both rely on each other for food, water, shelter and life.

Both have a mutual respect and care for each other.

Neither would do anything to harm the other.

Both home to a good meal, a comfortable bed and a good nights sleep....But not all.

Many are not as lucky as the 2 feet in the photograph above.

Many spend all day in the sun, working with no food or water.

Many aren't loved and struggle to survive each day.

Many go home, which can be a noisy street, have no food or water and sleep on an empty stomach, no shower and no comfortable bed.

I felt despair and such sadness today for these animals and the people.

What drives a person to put a dog in the boot of a car to transport him around?
What drives a person to beat a donkey struggling to pull a cart up from the field to the road?
What drives a child to pick up and throw a puppy 4 times to the street?
What drives a man to beat his dog when he is afraid of his owner?

And at the end of the day, the animal has no choice to stay and will always trust a person. Who is letting who down here?

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