By EgyptUnveiled

You can take a horse to water....

This is the rear view of a horse. He was ridden in by a boy of 11/12 years old, he was looking for treatment of a wound the poor animal had on it's right hip (As you see, the hundreds of flies are swarming around it)

I was choked and shocked. Treatment? This skeletor like horse had not eaten in months and was in such a terrible state, it's eyes even looked as though they were rolling around in it's head.

No muscle, just skin over his body and this boy refused to let us take him.

He took water from a hosepipe for himself and did not even think about his horse. I insisted he bring him to the water trough and let him drink.

Many conversations later, this boy still refused our help. He jumped on the back of the horse, which almost buckled under his light frame, whipped him and then cantered off down the road.

I am sparing many details of this situation and have toyed with even posting about him. I couldn't bear to even take photographs, he was so desperate and had no self respect left.

Thanks to Kris Huybrechts for being there and taking this photo, so I can share with you the extreme issues we face here in Luxor.

We have no animal cruelty law here, we can just keep trying to talk and educate the children, our future.

Animal Care Egypt

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