(I really am not going to mention that George Galloway got elected as MP for Bradford West yesterday. No No No No No.)

Not had much chance to blip today. Back at work as Erin went back to school. A good morning and there were further meetings about TTTCNBMP and it's all sounding promising. Very soon I will be free of all this I hope. (Not that Bradford will soon be free of George Galloway)

This was taken on my lunch when I had a quick walk into Bingley. It actually looks better in black and white but as this is apparently the last of the glorious sunshine for a few days, I had to go with keeping the blue ( That's blue. Not red and green like George Galloway's rosette)

The canal never fails to make me smile, it's one ancient thing we can be proud of ( unlike the ancient newly elected MP that we can't be proud of ), always calm down by the waters.

Had to leave work early to go and collect Erin as she is still not right. she is on sofa rehab again and has been fascinated watching the news ( " Is he the idiot you mentioned who got elected Mum ?" )

Now me and her are set for some movie whilst Lottie is at the school disco. I expect she will be in sugar heaven when she returns. In another ten years I will be worried about beer but for now it's all about sugar craziness

Speaking of crazy ...

Not that I am mentioning it. Not that he's even my constituency so why the vehement none mentioning ?? Eh Eh? Can you answer that woman.

Yes I can, if boundary changes go ahead he could be my MP soon so I thought I would get a few outrages in under my belt. Panic outraging and all that!

Happy Friday folks. It's all good otherwise

ps George Galloway got elected last night in Bradford West with a historical landslide win. He ran a slick well marketed campaign where PR was his hero. Then it all changed, his acceptance speech never mentioned the people of Bradford, it was all about him seeking vengeance over the labour party. He is from Glasgow and no idea how Bradford works. I really hope he doesn't let the city down. I know I said only 2 days ago that we have nothing to worry about but no one predicted this would happen. Let's keep the faith and hope he is true and honourable eh.

(One last thought... for anyone still reading this farThis is him being delightful on radio )

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