An Oasis of Clam

I tried to title this as Oasis of Calm but preferred my spello so there you have it, not a clam in sight and not exactly an oasis, as this is about 12 seconds away from the main road as the dodo flies.

Trying day with a 9 yo resulting in a major melt down when we were out trying our hand at orienteering on Harden Moor. Maybe we should have actually tried our legs and feet as well and we would have got somewhere. I enjoyed it anyway as did Lottie but Erin was not feeling the love with the fresh air.

On the way home and back over the bridge to Bingley when spotted this. Yep. The usual pull over, find a parking space Dukes of Hazard stylee, run out, catch a blip and back in the car all before the cops catch you and caution your camera.

I am a little unisnspired on the writing front thank the lord at last forgive my brevity

Right back to my book and a glass of red

Don't forget Earth Hour tonight folks . Time for Less electric

Oh and PS Blip meet next Thurs eve . Have posted on the forum

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