Another Year...

...has just ticked over - 730 blips with no gaps!! Sometimes I have wondered how I achieved that especially on my long work days. It somehow just becomes part of my daily life.

You are a great bunch of friends and over the two years I have got to know a lot of you very well. Thank you all for your lovely friendships both new and old. This is a extraordinary site, thank you Joe and the team at Blip Central.

A year ago today it was the 1st April, but this year because of it being Leap Year my blipday birthday is on the 31st longer an April Fool!!

In keeping with my birthday blip of last year, I have again gone to the beach to catch a sunrise, not Caroline Bay, but South Beach. Then someone insisted on sitting on one of the old piles......I suppose you could call this a SP of sorts.

We went on another long bike ride this morning; from home down to the Scenic Reserve & over to Claremont Rd then home again. Felt good so must be getting more bike fit (like I didn't collapse on the couch). We are going off on a 5 day biking trip with our friends on Easter Monday.

Heading off shortly to help take photo's of a Geraldine Earth Hour Parade.....Goblins, fairies and the like, carrying lanterns through the bush - will be fun, no flash allowed.......use my 50mm and crank up the ISO.

Feeling much better today, thanks for your caring thoughts.

Quote -
"Never Judge a book by it's cover,
Before you assume, Learn the facts.
Before you judge, Understand why.
Before you hurt someone, Feel.
Before you Speak, Think."


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