In the morning sun

This morning as I looked out of the window of our central control room I saw the sun shining on the massive structure of the newbuilding site of RWE/Essent. The flickering comes from the steelstructure in which one of the two boilers is hanging. The sky against it was dark.... I also took an overview of the site but that was not so impressive.
When I came outside I saw this sight and I thought it was difficult to choose... I decided for the RWE one because that was my first thought.
On the almost Blip you see a view over the river Eems with a gasproductionplatform and Germany with it's plenty windmills in the back. The flare in front is steam, produced by our new auxiliary boiler. That one is in service because we only have one production unit in service, and then it's common to have an auxiliary boiler running in the background. We need plenty steam when we start up a unit, so this is a safety precaution.

Here the RWE site in LARGE....

Hope you think too I made the right choice; feel free to comment!

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