Life's Little Moments

By dbifulco

... Mine!!!

It is a dreary, wet, chilly day - good day to stay indoors. Which is exactly where I was when I snapped this shot this morning. The blue jays were putting on a show quite early - light was miserable, so I cranked up the ISO and tried to inch the shutter up as much as possible. Lots of noise in all the shots, but I liked this one because you can see his pink tongue! And I never knew their tongues were pink - how did I not know that??? Some of the blue jays were so wet that I wondered how they could fly!

Last night something got on the deck and took down some of the feeders. Nothing was smashed so I know it wasn't a bear. But the whole peanut feeder (in this photo) was left completely alone which is curious. And, one suet cage is completely gone, the other untouched. I am inclined to think maybe a skunk or possum rather than a raccoon, but who knows. However, probably a good time to start bringing the feeders in at night. I like the nocturnal creatures to stay in the woods.

Hubs left on a week-long trip yesterday, so kind of glad I didn't hear whatever it was during the night as it would have scared the crap out of me. Of course, I was probably sleeping on my hearing ear, meaning that something could have come right through the bedroom door and I'd probably not have known! Ha.

Since the weather isn't conducive to gardening or staining the deck (both on my to-do list), I decided to tag and sort the last 2 months of photos. Ugh, what a job. Note to self: don't let it go this long next time!

Hope you all are having a great weekend. And for those of you for whom it is already cocktail hour - Cheers!

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