By J0shua


When mountain biking 'commit' is something you have to do often, once 'committed' rarely is there any turning back. I wouldn't normally blip photos that I'd sell BUT Dreggsy here will not be buying it anyway, more than likely I'll give him full quality of any photo's he likes. This was taken at a All mountain race in Ourimbah today.

Ok so for non MTB people A all mountain race is a combo of downhill (DH) and cross country (XC). The course is longer than a DH course and contains much more flat and climbing than a DH (which almost 100% downhill) so the mix of XC & DH means DH racers (like Dreggsy here) can mix it up with so the so called less skilled and sic XC racers. The choice of bike is always interesting some go full on DH other more XC. I suppose it depends on skill, fitness and budget!

To explain this image a bit more this rock was part of a twisting part of the course and riders had a 2 foot/70cm-ish drop from the rock back to the ground - its not too hard since it you could roll down it (rather than jumping off) but still daunting on approach!

LARGE commitment for a LARGE rock

for anyone crazy enough to look through 225 low res unprocessed watermarked images I've uploaded my picks to flickr

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