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Miniature Diving Helmet

Today's blip is something completely different!
Hubster and I went to an indoor car boot sale and he found this miniature diving helmet. It's made of copper and brass and when he took it home at first it was in a rather sorry state of neglect.
But a wad of Brasso and some elbow grease and it's come up a treat.
Not necessarily my kind of thing I would have to say but I buy stuff he doesn't necessarily like so that's fair enough.
He also bought a lovely candle lantern which I may photograph tomorrow. I like it because it's unusual and gives a warm amber colour when lit with a candle. But I mustn't spoil it for you!!
I hope you've found this little helmet of some interest. Hubster thinks it may have been an apprenticeship piece. It measures approximately 6 x 6 inches.

Hope everyone who reads this is having a nice weekend.
Take care and take rest.

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