Scoots, Shoots & Leaves

By TerriG


Another damp, gray and chilly day here. I had intentions of getting out on the scooter, at least for some errands and a Liza walk, but every time I stuck my head out the door it was pouring rain. Good nap weather. Yesterday I heard someone say of Portland, "It's like London with hippies."

I stuck my camera outside for some shots of this lovely tulip by the cottage door. They really want to bloom, I'm sure, but are holding out for more temperate weather. I think those are teardrops on the petals. There's a rumor that sun and warmth are on the way for the weekend.

Thanks to everyone for your wonderful comments and congratulations on my 100th yesterday. The Peep Party was lots of fun, and I hit the spotlight page for the first time (albeit, briefly!). I was a little sad to tear it all down last night, but we needed to reclaim the dining table. Those Peeps have a way of taking over!

I neglected to thank the wonderful founders and admin of Blipfoto yesterday, so I'm offering my thanks and gratitude today. This is a classy place and I appreciate all the work you do!

Look at the tulip tears LARGE.

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