Guinea Pig Zero

By gpzero

Behind The Hives

I explored a more or less forgotten niche of land that is wedged between the cemetery, a railway line, and a small university campus which owns the land. I took a few dozen pictures in the fading light and sent them to Ceridwen, who I wish I'd had with me for the excursion. What makes the niche delightful is that all the land that surrounds it is extremely familiar to me. I would guess that the wooded part is about three acres in size --not that I'm any good at such estimates.

This shot seems to be the best of the lot. I aimed my camera through the cemetery's perimeter fence to the litte area in its back corner where people have been keeping bee hives in recent years. I have looked at this scene from the opposite direction thousands of times, but never as I did this evening.

Beekeeping is fairly popular here in West Philadelphia. It is typical to obtain a jar of honey harvested by a friend. I've heard a good many reports of people trying to do it but losing all their bees as well.

I took close-up shots of some plants that were not familiar to me, and as expected Ceridwen identified two species, celandine and goosegrass. I had no idea what the plants were and would not have attempted to find out for myself. Next time I'll have to inventory all the plants!

My little niche will usually be accessible now that the weather is warm, or so I gather. The university has a softball field and tennis courts just next to it. I just might go in there with pruners and a trash bag and treat the place as my own garden. There is some old party litter that needs removing and I could clear some discreet paths to walk along. Too bad I don't have a little dog to walk there with me. Too bad that cats are such home-bodies!

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