Spring's Angles

My street, looking South and downhill, was looking good today. The air was a bit chilly early on but then it warmed and the Sun was bright and all the trees were either flowering or showing their baby leaves. Thus it's the brightest week of the year in front of my place.

I did some work and then had an excursion, while my bike was fixed, into Chinatown by trolley. I was very tempted to blip scenes from my huge supper of clams and some whimsical thoughts about starting a midden out back, but I'll let Nature's palette make the statement as the old street becomes more pleasing to see and smell.

The London Plane trees at right take on an odd wraith-like aspect because the utility lines cut a wake through the middle of them. It's not noticable from any angle but this. I guess it's not the ugliest block in the world, since this might be the 8th or 9th time my blip has been just ouside my door.

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