By treegonk

Drive Thru Starling

I suddenly thought today that maybe there is a class system going on in bird world.

The crows, starlings and sea gulls (not people's favourite birds) hang around fast food restaurants and rubbish dumps. Sparrows, blackbirds and blue tits hang around suburban gardens, but aren't shy about eating the leftovers from your breakfast.

And then there are the eagles, owls and the peregrines - soaring, stalking and snipering around in the wilds and eating only the best rabbit steaks, moosies and all the other birds if they can catch them. Maybe a bit simplified, but that's my new bird class system. Sorted.

I quite like the fast food class, they are opportunists, but their diets suck.

Sorry starling, I cut off your feet and turned you a funny colour. SQWUAAAWK

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