Happy Easter!

I've been feeling a bit under the weather today so haven't ventured far - only a quick trip to Maxey to collect Alex and friends from yesterday's party. I suspect the cool temperatures and gloomy skies haven't helped my mood - the fine spell got my hopes up and I'd really been looking forward to some family days out, which probably won't happen now...the two elder boys have quite a lot of work to be getting on with next week and then Chris is off to Tunisia and Alex will be back to college.

Despite not feeling too good I decided to clear out the small hall, which still needed its floor laid. Once I'd started, I got into the flow, and before I knew it we'd laid half the carpet tiles. Chris came and helped with some of the cutting, and Pete finished off all the really awkward bits, as he's more spatially aware than me! The hall is an extremely odd shape, being a triangle with odd cut off bits, so not at all easy! Still, it's 95% done now and is looking good.

Tomorrow is our annual Easter egg hunt, which is the high point of the holiday, especially for Ben, who's very fond of chocolate (though he's very good at making it last and is only just coming to the end of his Christmas chocolates!)! Hope you all have a wonderful Easter Sunday!

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