Come into the Garden

By aprecious

Partners - me and the Ginger Pudding

I know, we're a good looking couple right? We have a really strong bond. And this is why...

Characteristics of Successful Relationships:

1. Mutual Trust: I won't bite his bottom if he doesn't spike my face. Sometimes this doesn't quite work out.

2. Open & Regular Communication: he smells of cat, I smell of dog. He tells me, I tell him. Honesty is important! I'm a bit more toxic than him.

3. Common Goals: we both want to be happy. Happiness is food, cuddles and rolling round the floor. Sometimes I'm a bit erm 'over enthusiastic' apparently.

4. Commitment to Mutual Gain: we look for overlapping areas of opportunity. He knocks things off the kitchen table, I eat them.

5. Organizational Support: aprecious and Snotty do okay. So far as it goes.

Here is a quote from one of the best duos of all time and it like totally sums us up...

Stanley: If I had any sense I'd walk out on you.

Ollie: Well it's a good thing you haven't any sense.

Stanley: It certainly is...

Me and the pud do just fine.

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