The numbers all go to 11...

Question: If you saw a person walking one way with a big box of crisps and a person walking the other with huge bag of shredded paper, which would you steal, the crisps or the paper?

This was a question pondered during our breakie trips to the staff canteen last week. I think Frank 'n' Ted answered 'crisps' last week but evidence is mounting that his allegiances lie elsewhere.

Did you know that the BBC IPlayer goes all the way up to 11. That's 1 louder than 10!

If you do find yourself in the vicinity, I urge you to check out Episode 2 of Jonathan Ross which has an interview and 3 song set by Stevie Wonder and Episode 7 of Never Mind the Buzzcocks which has a member of boyband Blue on it the panel and is incredibly funny.

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