Soggy Bank Holiday Morning

You can just tell this lamb is saying 'What you looking at, fool?' or maybe 'Momma, come and save me from the weirdo lady leaning in our field taking photos!'

I was up at 630am this morning as I am working today. We had planned to leave mid morning with me working on the lap top in the car depending on car sickness !, BUT listening to the traffic it seemed too busy on the M5 so we are staying here till whenever the roads quieten down. We'd rather be sat watching movies than in traffic and the dogs are more than happy to running around tormenting Mum's dogs.

Mum lives just outside a village called Egloskerry which is just south of Launceston. They have quite a bit of land and are surrounded by fields as far as the eye can see. The field next to them is currently full of sheep - they are so cute. I havent eaten lamb for about a year now - silly I know, and hypocritical as I still eat chicken and pigs!

Anyhooooooooo, another hour or so of work to do and I am going to order lots of photos...I have countless albums and frames to fill :)

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