Copenhagen and Me.

By RtCph

72 Years Ago Today....

Denmark was occupied by the the Nazis.

This is a reminder of those times - an ammunition bunker or some such. Danes seem a little unsure of their part in history when it comes to WWII. On the one hand there were those that joined the Germans in fighting the Russians and a few who joined the SS, then on the other hand you have the many that fled to Sweden to fight for the resistance (such as Mrs Cphs' Grandfather). The government did what it could to walk the tight-rope of diplomacy, which is often seen in opposing views. The government did, however, manage to say "No" to Hitler on the the Jewish question in Denmark, whereby saving (pretty much) all the jews, by evacuating them from DK. They (the government) also spent the war theorising on "The Welfare State" which emerged after the war and continues to be a rather fine example of the type.

I'm not sure the graffiti dauber who wrote "Freetown" even realises the irony of his work.

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