It Started Down Under

By dirk

Concert Hall Inspection

Today I paid a visit to the revenue of our anniversary concert. With Inbetween (best choir of Berkel-Enschot) we will be performing in the concert hall of Tilburg. So in order to get a better view on the matters at hand another anniversary committee member, my father and I paid a visit to the concert hall.

Once back home, my brother had just cracked his fish bowl while cleaning it. It was damaged beyond repair so he had to get a new one. However as it turned out, fish bowls are unethical and animal abuse nowadays so he had to get himself an aquarium! It should fit on his desk... good luck with that. A lot of room for just one goldfish.

This evening was band rehearsal. We rehearsed some songs and discussed possible names for the group. We have a couple of nominees and will soon decide on the final name. (Quite some steps for a third rehearsal.)

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