By justbrian

Maaaaaaasive sky

Today I went to have a look at a replacement car for my Scoob, I Suzuki Ignis Sport which was in Weardale, this is a beautiful valley in Durham which was once a thriving mining (lead) community. I think there's still a cement processing plant there but it is beautiful.

Having said that, this photo is looking in the other direction along a track known as the Waskerley Way, in the distance is a place called Consett, who's populus were dependant on the huge steel works that were there but closed leaving thousands out of work, this was man years ago.

I knew people there when the steel works were open and they complained of a thin orange/red film on their clothes all of the time, obviously a by product of the furnaces.

I'm going to attempt to catch up on all my comments tomorrow morning.

Please note the total disregard for the rule of thirds and this is HDR, five images hand held and edited in photomatix and lightroom.

I would advise looking at the larger image

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