By justbrian

The Port of Tyne

Today it pissed down.

I managed to finally finish the job with the loft hatch, see about three weeks ago.

I'm a step closer to getting a new car and I made someone very happy with a photo I took. I can't say who but she knows who she is.

I had a trip to Cambois (Cammiss) today and took a whole host of photos, one hundred and thirty three to be exact I've edited some and posted them to my FB page.

The gallery I use, which is currently held by Apple is about to disappear so I'm on the hunt for a new photo gallery site, I want full res images and was thinking of using smug mug, has or rather does anyone use this photo hosting site.

I"m really pleased with this picture, it's a five image HDR with a bit of sharpening, it's the river Blyth looking out towards the North Sea.

I'm still behind with the comments although I did do some today, hopefully I'll get around to everyone very soon.

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