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We have in-laws visiting. We love them lots but things that never break seem to break when they are here. I suppose you get use to the foibles of your own house and compensate without thinking. When they are here something breaks or doesn't work. Today it was the electrics. This morning I left for work when all was quiet. When I arrived at work I tried to connect to my home server to check email but couldn't reach it - which is odd, it's Linux and never has a problem.

On my way home my better half explained what happened. Shortly after she left for work the in-laws were making breakfast and tripped a circuit breaker. Our breakers and RCDs are all brand new they were installed last spring and are designed on a split bus so that the each light ring is on a different RCD to the socket ring on the same floor. The ground floor ring must have tripped, which took out the ground floor sockets and the upstairs lights. For some reason they switched all the power off which took my server (upstairs) out which is on a different bus to the one that tripped. It's impossible for a trip on one bus to affect the other.

Anyhow here is a blip of the "fuse box". It's all in order and I checked the labels so I've no idea what they were doing...

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