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Flowering Currant

It's Friday, a shorter day at work, the end of the working week and the start of a long weekend! This is good.

On my way home I took a few pictures. One set was of this flowering currant (Ribes sanguineum), I've known it since I was a small child but didn't know what it was. I rather like this somewhat silly close up. A second set was of a small yellow corydalis growing out of a wall in town. Both are blip worthy but in the end the red flowers won.

When I got home I popped over to a friend to help him install SQL-Ledger (a free and open source double entry accounting application) on his home server, upgrade his virtualisation platform and fix a display issue with a new desktop system, all before his dinner guests arrived. Of the three tasks one was completed and progress was made on the other two. I'll probably pop over again during the weekend.

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