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Caressed Droplet

Not having any luck with Chrome today it's playing silly beggars, this is the third time I've tried to upload this picture...

Anyhow it's an Columbine or Aquilegia growing in the garden. A few weeks ago when I blipped a ladybird on one I noticed that water tends to form pretty droplets on their leaves and as others have also blipped them I thought I could too.

I'm not sure which species and cultivar this is. It's my favourite garden flower and I like the dark ones best, but our garden is full of the bland pink ones. I'm gradually removing the seeds from the pink and spreading the darker ones about liberally!

Once it flowers I'll blip the flowers too.

I also have some nice tulip blips today but I preferred the water droplet. I like the way the leaves seem to caress the droplet.

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