MeriRand & the NW Passage

By randra

Como se diz "almost"?

Sooooo... I almost got robbed tonight. I'm not sure how close it was, but it was interesting nonetheless. Worked all day on another paper (similar to this one if you want to check it out!!), and will start up again on it soon, but stopped to play some tennis! And the tennis was awesome- so much fun as always with Bruno (the instructor of Brazilian awesomeness) and Emily (who kind of reminds me of KP, the way she plays tennis...)

Anyway, we had a good evening, and as I was walking home through the dicey section between the courts and the walkway with the guards- kind of close to my blue house actually- Bruno came up behind me and told me to get on his bike. A man who was behind us (unbenounced to me) at that time then veered off and entered the abandoned building. He passed us later on the guarded walkway, but Bruno walked me all the way home for good measure. I had my purse on me, (with my camera inside) so that would have sucked... but it was also unusual for me to carry it to tennis. So... thanks to Bruno I'm safe and sound at home with all my belongings!

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