An ordinary life....

By Damnonii

Tutti Fruitti!

Jucier Big

Running late! As ususal!

Having friends round for dinner tonight so have spent a joyous afternoon in the kitchen cooking and preparing food that now smells delish!

Tomato and orange soup with warm crusty bread to start, followed by slowcooked sun-dried tomato and chicken pilaf (yes I did remember to switch the slowcooker on! :p) accompanied by rocket and parmesan salad and beetroot, parsley and feta cheese salad, and to finish it all off, fresh fruit salad soaked in cointreau with whipped cream.

Oh and coffee and chocs. :)))

I can't remember the last time I spent so much time in the kitchen preparing a 3 course dinner from scratch for friends on a Saturday and I have loved every minute. This used to be a regular occurance but I suppose life has recently gotten in the way. I hope in a few weeks, when the pace of life has mellowed slightly, to get back into this habit. :-)))

In other news we now have a phone number (which I am very happy with as it is full of my lucky number! :) for the new house and broadband going live from 24th April. Woo hoo! :))

Right! Got an hour before guests' arrival so time to get changed and get the lippy on!

It's SATURDAY NIGHT so let's all rock along with the best audience ever!!!!! :))))))


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