horns of wilmington's cow

By anth

The Cutest Pup in the World

Spin down to Newcastle to catch up with my mum, brother, sister, niece and.... Meg. My sister and her other half have got themselves a new pup. Joss, coming from farming stock, is onto her 22nd (I think) Border Collie. For Sam it's her second, after we grew up with Toby in the house. Border Collies are, officially, the best dog in the world. Trust me, you might think it's something else that's best. But it's not.

Meg is about 3 months old, and a bundle of energy chasing legs, before it all became a bit too much and she had to have a lie down.

None of this has made me any less inclined towards wanting a dog (as we drove down the road we picked up on the possibilities once again of some Lothian land for a smallholding with a few sheep (Zwartbles), pigs, more chickens, and... a dog. Not sure the cat would be impressed, but she'd be able to beat up a pup into realising it was subservient to her. Actually. She'd probably beat up a fully-grown dog if the fox-chasing is anything to go by.

Anyway, the swing home was via Corbridge, and a fab store called RE which did leave the wallet a little lighter...

Righto, time for dinner.

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