The Blackcountry Man

By brickmaker

Eyes Up Everyone....

One day at sea, we had sunshine all day but as we head for the Panama Canal the temperature is rising quickly, we hit over 80F today and tomorrow will be hotter, it's a hard thing but someone has to do it.

We saw Dolphins and turtles today but I couldn't get the camera out quick enough, perhaps tomorrow I will be lucky. A Lazy day today just chilling out and eating and drinking.
The food on here is very good, what little I have eaten, but I did manage a fillet steak tonight
I took my time and was OK, it is the first steak since my operation.

We took in the show, a magician who was also a comedian, very good act he had, then up to the
constellation theatre for a Roaring 40's night, excellently done by the resident dance song
and dance team.

Here we are sitting under a dirty great Mirrored ceiling.

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