The Blackcountry Man

By brickmaker

Ninja Turtle and Flipper.....

We were at sea again today heading for Puerto Quetzal, Guatemala the top temperature hit around 90F on deck so we headed for the shade for most of the day.
Mrs BM headed for the swimming pool and had herself a game of Wet Basket ball which was a great game.
I read more of Spike Milligans five books, which are a great read if anyone hasn't read them, in his fourth book he is in Italy and being rained on for most of the time.

We headed back to the cabin this afternoon for a quick wash and brush up before heading out for dinner, whilst on the balcony we saw Flying fish, Turtles and two schools of Dolphins, I thought you would like to see the Turtles and Dolphins.

More Excursions tomorrow.

BTW the slot machines have paid out $60,000 so far sowhat have they took????

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