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By pontycyclops

The Hangover Bird

As you know some birds have nicknames that are real, such as the Goldfinch or the Crucifixion Bird.

Others I have christened myself, such as the Nuthatch or Kingfisher of the woods, as I like to call it.

Well Dawn wanted in on the act, and noted this morning that Greenfinches always look like they have had a rough night the night before. Their dark eye patches look like smudged mascara, or black eyed from the morning after effect.

My garden is awash with Greenfinches at the moment, they seem to like it when I put sunflower mix out. I quite like them, no other bird in my garden comes in so many shades of the same colour (none of them truly green though).

I rejected this one, but wanted to share it, just to prove to my brother that the birds are finally using the feeder he bought me for Christmas.

I've been on a back blip-fest today. It's been a busy weekend.

Friday 13th's visit to Slimbridge is now up.

Yesterday's narrow win for Pontypridd has been added.

And I have managed to edit a load of photos from last Saturdays win over Cardiff have been put up in this Flickr set.

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