By earthdreamer

Clear Island from Sherkin Island

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Of all the excuses for blipping late, I never expected to be saying that I've been out at dusk rounding up escaped donkeys! This seems to be all in a day's work here on TJ's land but for me it was rather exciting. We've spent today on Sherkin Island, a short ferry ride from the fishing port of Baltimore. The weather changed today, cooler with more sunshine and much less in the way of dramatic clouds. We walked out to the far end of the island to discover the most dramatic cliff scenery and some remarkable old walls.

These walls were fascinating in that they didn't really seem to be serving any great purpose other than being decorative! But although they appear as if they'd be completely useless at keeping anything in - being rather low and riddled with holes - they were built to deter the cattle kept up here from straying over the edge of the cliff. Covered with lichen, they have a very ancient feel but, at the same time, the improbable placing of the stones suggest a more modern origin. There is a sense of playfulness at work which is hard to square with what must have been a very austere existence for the people living on the island. I've not been able to find any information relating to their age.

We followed the headland around but wanted to avoid retracing our steps. There are no obvious rights of way, or ever footpaths here. We cut across country but soon encountered some really difficult ground. In TJ I have certainly met my match in terms of a tenaciousness to find a route across the land. I've so often led people through bog and bracken, over walls and under barbed wire fences in order to complete a circuit and today I found out what it's like to be on the receiving end! I'm sitting here with my legs tingling from all the scratches and grazes!! But it was a great adventure. They just kind of happen here without any effort. It's that kind of place.

I must make final mention of a number of chance encounters today. On the ferry going over we bumped into the lovely Miranda, a very good friend of TJ's whom I discovered follows me regularly on blip, and then waiting for the last ferry back we bumped into another fellow blipper, Maltease Seagull, and Ruth, partner of blipper Minktoast. It was astonishing to become aware of just how much these complete strangers knew about my daily life! I know that it is a relatively small world here, but I still find it quite remarkable that all of us, with this connection through blip, were drawn to Sherkin Island today. There really does seem to be magic in the air!

The donkeys have scuppered any chance of a catch up tonight. It's just past midnight and time for bed. Thanks again for all the amazing feedback to yesterday's blip. Cheers everyone.

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