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Are you a glass half full or half empty type of person? :)

I was flicking through some old photography magazines when I came across an article describing how to photograph wine glasses. Their image was a lot more complex, with three wine glasses and professional lighting via a lightbox. I think I've managed to capture the essence of the image here, it's not as sharp/crisp or exactly symmetrical but I kind of like that about it...

I must be going through a black and white/high contrast phase as this is the sixth picture this month which fits into this category! Anyway, only minor post-processing here - conversion to B&W, and adjustment via the curves to achieve the high contrast. The top half of the glass has been deliberately 'hidden' for submission to the ODC topic: 'The Bottom Half'.

For those interested in how this was achieved, here is a basic summary: (1) Find a room dark enough to keep the glass from reflecting the room (2) Use a long lens to prevent the camera's reflection and also limit linear distortion (3) Align the camera with the setup at a 90 degree angle (4) Ensure the glasses are polished to remove spots, smudges, and dust (5) Fill the glass with water from a syringe to avoid splashing and water droplets (6) Prop the light source behind the glass (backlit) and use a black cardboard to bisect the glass down the middle (7) Shoot away! :)

Thanks for looking/comments/shares/favs!

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