Bee alone

Much better viewed *large*

Yes, it's a bee again, but a leaf cutter bee I think... I call them solitary bees myself, there are such creatures, it's probably the wrong scientific name for them, but they don't live in hives, they fend for themselves, they're 'alone bees' lol There wasn't much else in the garden today... the season still really hasn't started. Although I did giggle at the antics of the first baby blackbirds (Godzilla's), 3 of them, tumbling at the back of the garden, very unsteady on their feet! And two swallows flew over, with a house martin in their wake... so the season is starting, slowly!

As for himself:

Larry stands his ground

Bad weather is approaching here, just had the second power cut of the day... don't ask, downside of living in the heart of deepest darkest Devon! ;-) xxx

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