Nudge, Nudge.

Today was only memorable for the couple of hours I spent in the company of Wullie.
Wullie must be about 60 years old.
Wullie wore orange overalls.
I had never met Wullie before.
Wullie told us approximately 40 jokes per hour.
All of the jokes involved prostitutes...
...and Wullie.
None of Wullie's jokes were funny.
Wullie only told jokes about prostitutes. He never talked about anything else for the entire 2 hours.
Wullie included us as characters within his jokes.
Wullie would nudge me at the punchline of every joke.
None of Wullie's jokes were funny.
Wullie told jokes as we lowered 340 kilos of sandstone into place when he was meant to be instructing the bloke in the crane.
Our hands were, at times, under 340 kilos of sandstone that were being lowered into place by a bloke who was not being instructed by Wullie.
The bloke in the crane laughed at all of Wullie's jokes.
None of Wullie's jokes were funny.

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