... with one eye open.

By Chamaeleo

The Cocoon, Natural History Museum

Today at work, I had finally had enough of my computer playing up, so I phoned IT who said they'd take remote control of my computer to rectify the problem. After a brief interrogation and investigation, they said, "It'll take 20 minutes to reinstall the software; can you get on with something different in the meantime?"
I said, "Certainly".

That was all the permission I needed, so off I went on a happy photo-wander to try to find my blip photo for the day...

I allowed myself the 20 minutes (+ 10 in case IT ran into any unforeseen difficulties...) to have an amble around the public areas of the museum to see if anything caught my eye; this did.
The light coming through the huge glass façade was so bright and crisp, and I was captivated by the way that the shadows from the straight steelwork were playing over the curved face of the Cocoon in the Darwin Centre.

I got back to my computer feeling much less frustrated; IT had finished, apparently, and the computer is now exactly as dysfunctional as when I gave up trying to fix it myself...
I suppose that almost counts as a successful half-hour all round.

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