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The time of year

This made me laugh this evening. Another thing that made me laugh was a comment of Facebook posted by a Rangers fan I know in response to a post I put on The Leprosy Mission Scotland's Facebook page about our football themed snail mail received today - both a cheque from Celtic's charity fund and a signed shirt for an upcoming auction from Rangers. Along with the post I put a photo of the shirt, along with its Certificate of Authenticity (it also comes with a sheet telling you whose signatures they are, as the scribbles aren't easy to read!). There were a few jokey remarks in the office about it possibly being worth a lot in years to come, but the comment posted read more or less 'great to see one charity helping another charity!' So a few giggles. And I found my 3p (see yesterday), so all in all not a bad day! I also took a few nice blossom shots on my way to celiaspider's house. Another banner is nearly done!

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